»   3 Popular Affiliate Programs

3 Popular Affiliate Programs

3 Popular Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are all about promoting someone else’s products in return for a commission. The reason why most people choose to join affiliate programs is to make money. It’s free for publishers or affiliates to join and don’t believe anyone who asks you to pay so that you can promote their products. Among the many options, the one which could be considered easiest and fastest to accomplish and to get involved with website affiliate programs. If you want to try out what these website affiliate programs do, then here are some of the most popular affiliate programs that you can consider going for.

1. ClickBank

Clickbank is among the most popular affiliate marketing sites. Clickbank.com offers a 75% commission rate and is considered one of the most excellent affiliate sites over the Internet. However, it plainly focuses on digital products. To apply for an account in their site would cost you not a single cent and then you can begin choosing which items to promote in the marketplace.

You must remember that your choice of products should be highly relevant to your site. After you are done with your choice, then you can begin advertising them on your own website. You get a commission each time an individual buys a product from your site’s offered promotion. Currently, there are over 12,000 products that you can promote. And the nice thing about being a ClickBank affiliate is that they have a good reputation for paying their affiliates on time. They also have products you can promote in a wide variety of niches

2. CJ.com

CJ.com or Commission Junction is among one of the best affiliate programs around. CJ.com is another great affiliate program. This on the list of website affiliate programs is one which focuses on offerings of professional services and physical products. To sign up for an account in this site is free as well. Nevertheless, it is a requirement that you seek the approval first of the merchant before you can start promoting their products or services.

This affiliate program website focuses more on professional services as well as physical products. Like Clickbank.com, opening an account from this provider is free but you will need the approval of the merchants before you get to promote their products or services on your website. This website requires merchant approval because what usually is sold are high-end products. If you’re thinking of affiliate marketing, but are still new, starting out with Clickbank.com before moving on to CJ.com is the best idea. When you start making waves in the affiliate world, or at least when you get yourself a legitimate looking website, you can step into the big waters where CJ.com is. Physical products, as well as professional services, are those being promoted by CJ.com

3. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a program that many people don’t think about when they think about affiliate programs. While not a traditional affiliate program, it is often easier to make money with this program than the other ones, although the amount is generally much less. With Google AdSense, all you have to do is to place their ads on your content pages. Then you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad. AdSense programs are essentially the monetizing of a new or existing website using the Google AdSense program. Although nowadays there are many alternatives, like AdBrite, Miva, etc…

The system works on the back of the Google AdWords program, where advertisers pay Google to advertise on their Search Engine or websites within the Google AdSense program. You simply place the Google AdSense code within your web pages and if people click on the ads you get paid a commission from Google. This can range from a few cents to 10’s of dollars per click depending on how much the advertisers are paying in the Google AdWords program. Generally, a 5% CTR is seen in this type of program. Affiliates with high traffic sites are making lots of money using this type of system.

These three programs are great for making money through the net – but they also differ in focus. So what should you choose? The answer simply relies on you and what your wants and needs are. When you think about it, the three websites are great in their own different ways.

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